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Multi-purpose interactive information kiosk coupled with human assistance and built around interactivity

The Silex I-Kiosk is an interactive information kiosk fully ruggedized for demanding environments. For verticals, which involve customer interaction, guidance, multi-lingual support and more, the Silex I-Kiosk can be the answer. Adaptable and fully customizable, this innovative kiosk is coupled with human assistance and is built around interactivity.

Users intuitively browse for information on a multi-touch screen and can instantly request assistance by calling a remote agent over video. The expert agent, located in a video call center, appears on a dedicated screen to give additional directions, share documents, do a live active advertisement, share an infomercial or guide the user through the interface. The kiosk becomes a video call center solution suitable in many industries such as banking, education, retail shopping malls, museums, airports, or any other public place.

When there are no video calls to agents, the screen is used for advertisements.  This offers an easy way to promote services and offers or convey latest news through the kiosk at low cost.

With an optional embedded scanner HD camera the kiosk offers the possibility of a two ways sharing and document exchange. This is suitable in applications or transactions where form filling and verifications are needed. ‘Fully electronic’ remote document signing with real ink is available, allowing the users to successfully and securely run transactions.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, the kiosks automatically establish recorded video calls with the agents for real time emergency assistance. Video session recording gives valuable insights of the emergency problem.