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Education Rooms

Education Rooms

Education Rooms

Interactive class rooms empower productivity for a better teaching and learning experience

Silex Education Rooms are designed to make education, training or any learning environment more interactive, immersive and inspiring – the way it should be. They offer students and their local or remote teacher, all the means to conduct courses in the most practical, interactive, productive and visual way.

From a Smart Podium, teachers can centrally manage all the classroom’s components to create an optimal environment. Sharing content is very easy and versatile. The teachers can share anything from any source such as: tablets, smart phones, laptops, USB keys or server in the Cloud… They can even display content on the main classroom display/interactive whiteboard, on the students’ personal motorized screens or with remote students joining over video.

For e-learning sessions, the teacher can use the Class Room Management System to manage, supervise and control the student’s desktops, showcase students’ screens, chat with students to offer personal assistance, transfer files, annotate students’ content, and run interactive tests and polls.

A Silex Education Room is a perfect space that enhances both the teaching and the learning experience.