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Video collaboration solutions for education

Silex EdTech is a set of video collaboration devices that bring solutions to the different challenges of remote teaching. Carefully designed to bring teachers the best technology has to offer, these products turn e-learning into a natural and easy experience, crossing the boundaries of distance and remote collaboration.

Including professional auto-tracking cameras, document webcams, all-in-one interactive projectors, and portable touch screens, these solutions ease the distance learning and remote teaching experience for both the teacher and the students. Used together or as standalone solutions, these devices bring commonly used teaching supports into the virtual environment while keeping it simple to operate for an optimal teacher-student collaboration outcome.

Sharing content from a tablet, a document camera or a projected image and annotating it while still being seen by the remote students or explaining lessons with a freedom of movement while being captured by a tracking camera are all professional means of keeping the experience as natural and as intuitive as possible.


EdTech AT

The Silex EdTech AT series are high-definition intelligent auto-tracking cameras specially designed for education environments. For small, medium, and large classrooms or training rooms, these compact cameras are built-in with best in class tracking technology. The high-speed processors, the advanced image processing and analysis algorithms, the step driving motor mechanism, and the strong anti-interference ability, offer an advanced, smooth, and extremely quiet auto-tracking experience.

Silex EdTech AT is available in two models: EdTech AT12 EdTech AT20. They share the same features, tracking capacities and algorithms except for the lens and zoom capabilities. Where Silex EdTech AT12 is well suited for small to medium room with its 12x optical zoom, Silex EdTech AT20 is appropriate for medium to larger rooms with its 20x optical zoom, wider field of view and better lens focus.

Silex EdTech AT auto-tracking features:

  • Built-in reference panoramic camera: Insures an optimal fusion between the reference camera and the tracking camera
  • Advanced tracking algorithms: Advanced human presence detection, locking and tracking
  • Analysis algorithm: Ensures the tracking is steady, accurate, fast and silent
  • Strong anti-interference ability: once the tracking target is locked, it is not affected by other moving objects, projectors…
  • Smooth tracking: The sensitivity to movement can be adjusted. Small movements or gestures will not trigger the camera to move unnecessarily
  • Auto adaptation: Depending on the tracked target’s location in the room, the tracking camera will automatically zoom keeping the video image in the appropriate size and proportions
  • Ultra-wide dynamic exposure: Solves the challenge of the tracking target darkening when moving in front of a projector’s light


EdTech PTS

The Silex EdTech PTS series are High Definition sleek 15.6” touch screen. they are designed as complementary screens to display, share, and annotate content. These ultra-thin portable touch screens easily connect to most laptops or smartphones and makes a perfect annotation tool for remote teaching and for more dynamic presentations. Content can be shared with remote participants through the video conferencing client in use, thus leveraging interactive teaching.

Silex EdTech PTS are available in two models: EdTech PTS2K and EdTech PTS4K. EdTech PTS2k offers full HD 1080P imaging whereas EdTech PTS4K offers Ultra 4K imaging. The two devices share the same following main features:

  • High-Definition imaging
  • 6” annotation touch screen
  • Connects to Laptops or smartphones using USB type C or Mini HDMI
  • Compatible with laptops and smartphones with extended mode / mirror mode
  • Supports HD 1080P input
  • Content from PTS systems can be shared with remote participants from the videoconferencing software used on the main Laptop or phone.



Silex EdTech AOP-PC is more than just a projector. Combining ultra-short throw projection functions with an integrated PC, an interactive whiteboard, and a built-in speaker, this portable device allows a high level on integration with existing visual collaboration platforms. With only one cable to connect, the installation of Silex EdTech AOP-PC is easy and intuitive. Designed for interactive education, meeting rooms, and group entertainment, this device can be operated without the use of a laptop if needed.

Main features:

  • Includes an electronic pen for annotations
  • Windows and Android dual system
  • Up to 64 simultaneous touch points
  • Suitable for projection screen size up to 300”
  • Ultra-short throw projector eliminates the presenter’s shadow
  • Flexible PC configuration options
  • Cold light source Led technology with a minimum of 20000 hours life time


EdTech DWC

Silex EdTech DWC is a special 4K web cam that also acts as a document camera. Its unique structure with the camera placed on a 270⁰ rotative arm, makes it ideal for online teaching, distance learning and in-class trainings or lessons. When the camera is used as a visualizer, the presenter can instantly display and share content captured from a printed document or an object, and any annotation or manipulation can be seen by the remote participants or replicated on a display in the classroom. As a web cam, two views can be captured: either the presenter’s view for face-to-face online interaction or the room’s view.

This light-weight foldable professional camera is ideal for business travelers, teachers and students on the move and saves desktop space in classrooms. When used by a teacher, it is a perfect tool to instantly show content and manipulation details thus increasing the lessons’ efficiency. When used by students, it allows a more student-centric approach where students can easily present their work to the whole class and share ideas or thoughts without leaving their seats.

Main features:

  • Ultra 4K image quality
  • 270⁰ free rotation arm captures and displays the speaker, the content or the room
  • Supports professional online teaching software and online annotation
  •  USB Plug and Play
  • Compatible with most videoconferencing software and streaming platforms
  • Foldable, portable, and light weight - makes it easy to install anywhere, anytime