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The 10 Prominent Communication Services and Solution Providers of 2020

The 10 Prominent Communication Services and Solution Providers of 2020

The 10 Prominent Communication Services and Solution Providers of 2020



Communication is the backbone of remote working. Today, the demand for communication and collaboration tools for remote workers is increasing significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. New technologies are gaining ground. Soft/web/cloud-based video clients are taking over traditional video conferencing systems. Thus, customers are seeking easy all-in-one solutions with attributes such as wide compatibility, ease of installation, effective and high-quality audio/video coverage, etc.

Being a technology innovator in the field of visual communication and group collaboration, SilexPro is managing this requirement with its customized solutions. The company has proven experience in designing and integrating customized, complex, and full-fledged smart conference rooms. Leveraging this experience, SilexPro aims to blend innovation, technology, and elegance to create a unique engaging meeting experience. It is committed to providing state-of-the-art collaboration technologies to increase productivity while embracing and driving new market trends.

Cutting-edge Communication and Collaboration Solutions

SilexPro emphasizes on providing solutions that offer a unique user experience while maximizing interaction and collaboration. The company brings the latest technological trends to the users with its range of innovative products and solutions. One of its most exclusive solutions is the Silex PTE Center of Table systems. These systems are the professional, all-in-one Group Collaboration devices designed as portable Center of Table units. They provide single hardware for all platforms and transform a small to medium meeting room into a full-fledged collaboration space.

Silex PTE systems are the only devices that provide a truly natural group collaboration experience while offering social distancing between participants sitting in the same room. Furthermore, SilexPro has invested its ability to integrate advanced personalized features into large complex environments with its unique solutions such as the Smart Rooms and Education Rooms.

Alongside these, SilexPro has also launched new professional communication and collaboration solutions for individuals working from their desks, from home, or visiting customer premises. These solutions range from Bluetooth headsets to USB/wireless cameras and speakerphones and include all-in-one smart projectors, wireless presentation systems, and portable touch screens as well. The company is constantly adjusting its portfolio and encouraging innovation to fulfill the needs of the changing landscape of industry.

Maintenance and Support

After sales, SilexPro provides maintenance and support on a yearly support contract basis for all Silex range of solutions and products. The company provides two types of support programs — Standard Support with return to factory repair and Advanced Support with advanced replacement. Moreover, for the customized Silex room solutions, the maintenance and support contract is tuned depending on the installed solution features, design and scale and it covers all the solution’s components.

A Prudent Innovation-Seeker

SilexPro’s solutions and innovations are driven by a dedicated team of professionals. This team is led by Ronald Hajj, the Founder and CEO of SilexPro. “I always dream and keep stretching my own and my team’s imagination for new ideas that can help enhance meeting experience and natural video collaboration,” he asserts. He emphasizes on ideas that can be fulfilled with the foreseen technology. Being a part of the communication landscape for years, Ronald has first-hand experience and insights about the industry. He is integrating his avid experience and zeal towards innovation to drive the company forward.  Alongside driving innovation, he also leads the team passionately and propels the daily business & company profitability.

Responding to the Crisis

The pandemic has caused major disruptions in the communication landscape. With the new norms and impositions, group meetings in small spaces are being avoided. They are being replaced by video meetings where participants join from home or office using their personal devices. Thus, the increased usage of devices for group communication has created a plethora of opportunities for communication solution providers.

Making most of these opportunities during this crisis, SilexPro is helping its customers through its solutions. With an aim to enhance the remote video experience, SilexPro recently launched a series of new communication and collaboration products. These products included gadgets such as Silex Clarity wireless headsets and speakerphones, all-in-one projectors, portable touch screens, etc. which are highly convenient for its customers as they are compatible with any laptop.

Furthermore, as the businesses are slowly getting back to a normal working activity, SilexPro’s existing PTE and ClickShow systems are the perfect choice for group meetings. These systems allow social distancing in the meeting rooms as there is one participant sitting on each side of the table with the device in the center, and presentations are conducted wirelessly. Moreover, the PTE devices are easy to wipe with a disinfectant as they are made of glass, which ensures the safety of the participants as well.

Enhancing Communication, Motivating the Team

In these revolting times, decent communication with the team is the key for an organization to thrive. SilexPro also focuses on enhancing communication in the organization. The company leverages unique factors such as an innovative approach, wide compatibility, all-in-one approach, and simplicity to ensure good communication within the organization.

Furthermore, SilexPro believes in its ability to positively disrupt the market with innovative ideas. The company takes pride in introducing new concepts to the market and seeing how customers are benefiting from its technologies. This pride motivates the team to overcome all the challenges and keep innovating to grow. “Innovation beyond Imagination is the mindset with which my team at SilexPro and I, will positively disrupt and change the way people collaborate,” adds Ronald.

The Post-COVID Scenario

Ronald believes that COVID-19 will categorically change the way people work. Working environments will change as per the requirements and a mix between office work and remote work/work from home will be seen in the future. Especially for those working from home — simplicity, wide compatibility, ease of connectivity, and secure remote access to corporate networks will be the important features. Furthermore, as the world goes digital, e-learning solutions and equipment will be a major trend and will be given special attention. Taking these changes in consideration, SilexPro is adapting its solutions to COVID-19 and post COVID-19 mix environment working scenarios and is introducing new innovative solutions in this regard.

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