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Silex PTE solutions are featured in the CNA Report Japan newsletter, the conferencing News & Analysis Report on Japan market.

Silex PTE solutions are featured in the CNA Report Japan newsletter, the conferencing News & Analysis Report on Japan market.

Silex PTE solutions are featured in the CNA Report Japan newsletter, the conferencing News & Analysis Report on Japan market.



By: Keisuke Hashimoto - CNA Report Japan newsletter

This is a translated version of the article. To read the original report in Japanese, click here.

SilexPro delivers a user experience enhancing solution based on a revolutionary concept “Center of Table”, bringing in a new breeze into huddle room segment in video market

SilexPro has created and designed the “Silex PTE series” and delivers it in North America and EMEA and part of APAC. It is a solution built on “Center of Table” concept focusing on enhancing user experience in both video meeting and regular meetings.

SilexPro was established in 2015 and has sales and R&D offices in Chicago, US and Beirut in Lebanon. Prior to SilexPro, Mr. Ronald Hajj, CEO worked as   Chief Innovation Officer and General Manager for more than 10 years at FVC, a video and UC distributor in the Middle East. The earlier business careers, he also worked for Libatel, a system integrator, in Lebanon as well having many years of experience the relevant area.

Why did he formed the company? He has a belief that having great user experience in terms of collaboration and communication is a key for success in video meeting deployment. So I (meaning Keisuke Hashimoto) decided to meet him over video to  understand what they are doing in this regard.

“In a physical meeting, we sit together around the table and discuss issues looking at facial expression on each participant. As opposed to when in a conventional video meeting, where all of the participants are looking at is a display on the wall. In this case, we can’t see each other’s facial expression very much. How can we achieve better productivity in such a video meeting? This is why we set up SilexPro.” (Mr. Ronald Hajj)

They came up with “Center of Table” concept in order to solve the we-can’t-see-facial-expression-problem in a video meeting and in order to be able to conduct more natural meetings where people gather around a content and keep the eye contact all the time while staying comfortably seated. By placing the product at the center of the table, we can bring every participant’s attention to it. Thus, the participants can look at each other(even at a distant location) very well and have better discussion over video without the need to keep twisting their neck to look at a screen on the wall.

Silex PTE series per se is not a hardware videoconferencing endpoint. It is an all-in-one rich visual collaboration tool that runs on a PC with Intel i7 running Windows10.  it has touch panel enabled displays (17.5 inch), an embedded Sennheiser Speakerphone that deliver crisp sound quality, embedded HD cameras (one on each side), a rich annotation tool that transforms your system into a multisided interactive whiteboard and a wireless presentation system that allows you to share content from any device (Laptop, personal Apple or Android devices…), equipped with HDMI and LAN interfaces.

The series has 3 product models: “Silex PTE Duo”(for 2-4 participants), “Silex PTE Trio”(for 3-6), and “Silex PTE Quattro”(for 4-8). Each form factor was decided basing on ideas such as tables shape(squared, rounded, rectangular) or the number of participants.

Silex PTE is not just a well packaged and designed system, it also runs The silex PTE control  software at its core. It provides a graphical user interface where the user can intuitively and easily launch video meeting, desktop sharing, and such, tying up all features and functions of Silex PTE.

Regarding the video meeting launch, you can use any video  conferencing soft client or applications that runs on Windows10 like “Skype for Business”, “Polycom RealPresence Desktop”. “Skype”, “Zoom”, “Avaya Equinox”, Vidyo, as well as WebRTC and many others. If installed already, you can choose one you want to use for your video meeting and launch it from the menu pad of Silex PTE. When you want to have desktop sharing and annotation etc.. what you do is the same launching it from the menu pad. Instantly coming up on the screen and shared with all participants locally and over the video call. In addition, you can share content from iPhone, iPad, Mac PC (using native Airplay) and Android Smartphones and Tablets and Microsoft phones, tablets and PC (using native Miracast) as well.

Now we have a display moved from a wall to the center of the table, you can see talking heads(participant’s face view), content shared with annotation clearly while seeing the participants sitting around the system too, along with high quality sound environment having the radius of 4meters.

“With our product, wherever you are, either a local meeting room or a distant location, you have the same visibility. You no longer have to worry about problems such as I can’t see the display very well or I can’t hear the voice from the speaker, etc.. that has hampered user experience before.

These days, we see huddle room segment is heating up in videoconferencing market. However, most of the products are used in the conventional video meeting setup. SilexPro has brought in a new breeze in this segment of the market, which is a revolutionary concept “Center of Table”(CoT).

“We believe the CoT will become a mainstream in the huddle segment. We have introduced the product at places like Infocomm and we found that we have good traction from the attendees.” (Mr. Ronald Hajj)

They now want to move on and further expand their business into APAC like Japan and China and looking for partners in the area.