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Ronald Hajj, one of the 20 most prolific CEOs 2020

Ronald Hajj, one of the 20 most prolific CEOs 2020

Ronald Hajj, one of the 20 most prolific CEOs 2020



In this digital world, Innovative ideas are changing the business models. Ronald Hajj embarked on a journey of innovation in the field of Visual Communication and Group Collaboration to make business more efficacious. SilexPro is the result of 25 years of his hard work alongside immense talent and potential. His road to success was full of bumps and hardships but his story today is a source of constant inspiration.

The Thought That Clicked

As a leader Ronald has always looked at technology from the constructive eye and has been working diligently to create a technology that strengthens natural behaviours and at the same time enhances our bonds with nature and environment.

The visual communication and collaboration, should in the same way help people sitting even at the opposite corners of the world connect with each other like they’re in the same place and enjoying across the table with one another.

I hope that my mission to drive positive changes to the way people meet and collaboration will be successfully accomplished!

SilexPro quickly accumulated key experience in designing and integrating customized complex full-fledged smart conference rooms. Then with times evolving, they saw that there has been a gradual shift to smaller and comparatively more flexible huddle-rooms and there was need to create a new generation of visual endpoints.

Backdrop of the Leader Who believes in Constructive Technology

Ronald is a Telecom engineer who graduated in the batch of 1993. It is from there that he started his magnificent journey first working as a technical engineer in the Data Communication field till the end of the 90s It was after this that the world of video conferencing caught his attention. He felt that the entire video conferencing experience could be made more natural and better and that is why he entered this arena.

He wanted to bring a change in the way that people meet and collaborate by using behavioural concepts like the Centre of the Table.

Ronald draws inspiration from Steve Jobs, because even he defied the traditional concepts and strongly believed in his inventions and became a trendsetter of the modern times. Ronald is a dreamer with a strong conviction and he powers his team’s imagination and uses his creativity to overcome all and any challenge that he faces.

We should dream and stretch our imagination and creativity beyond traditional boundaries to create the required positive force that drives innovation

Projects That Made A Difference

Eventually, at some point of time in Ronald’s life, he decided to go beyond the normal do something extraordinary and wrote a software intended to capture the details for CDR in the voice calling network. He created a “Call Accounting System” with the help of certain rich reporting tools. This software allowed the customers complete access to whatever was happening in their voice network. This turned out to be a huge milestone and was extremely successful where hundreds of customers made use of his software. He believes that it was this very unexpected achievement that accomplished as well as shaped his career because he realised that being creative and thinking out of the box can be the only road to success and has the power to answer all your prayers.

Then, there was another project which forced Ronald to be the most creative one in the room. A government entity and perhaps a life-altering project in the Gulf required an “out of this world” experience for their smart rooms. There were several companies eying for the project and hence the competition was fierce, but creativity can never be subdued and the proposal from Ronald’s team was deemed to be the most innovative, elegant and a visionary one while taking into account the practical aspects to implement and maintain.

Traits Found in the Perfect Leader

According to Hajj, to become a great leader one must possess Creativity, Self-confidence, Perseverance, Courage, Vision, Positivity, Productive and Wise, and Passionate.

The Thorns in the Journey to a Bed of Roses

The most difficult challenge that the company had to face was changing mindsets of the traditional people who had immersed themselves into the comfort zone and resisted any form of change. It is here that your perseverance is tested. Then educating the market as a whole is also a tremendous responsibility on the shoulders of the person who creates it. Good strategies and a lot of investment is required to make people aware of your product and the idea behind it.

But to build a loyal customer base, the foundational stones have to be trust and goodwill for achieving long term relations and customer-satisfaction.

Living, Re-modelling and Growing Despite the Pandemic

The pandemic has largely impacted businesses and meetings in any small space is being avoided. Video meetings are the new trend and participants can safely from the comfort of their homes join in for group discussions. However, businesses will hopefully sooner or later go back to normal where the PTE solutions being offered by SilexPro will come in handy as it will allow social distancing within the meeting room with one participant sitting on each side of the table with the device in the center and since it is made of glass, it is easy to regularly wipe it with a disinfectant.

Furthermore, in response to the new way of conducting business and e-learning owing to the pandemic, a series of new communication and collaboration products that can be used with any laptop to enhance the remote video experience, such as: USB/Bluetooth/wireless conferencing cameras and touch screens, wireless headsets and speakers, all in one projectors have been introduced by SilexPro for a smooth experience.

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