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Revolutionizing the way people collaborate in smart meeting rooms

Revolutionizing the way people collaborate in smart meeting rooms

Revolutionizing the way people collaborate in smart meeting rooms


By: Ronald Hajj – CEO at SilexPro

Huddle rooms or cuddle rooms are two buzz words currently spreading in the UC market. Let’s understand more about these meeting spaces and how they could be leveraged.

What is a Huddle room?

A huddle room is a small meeting space that’s designed to empower people to meet quickly and easily. Huddle rooms are replacing large sophisticated conference rooms, and they are built to accommodate small groups, empowering focused and productive meetings


Why are Huddle rooms becoming so popular?

Huddle rooms are flexible small spaces that don’t require a reservation system to be put in place. They are ideal to conduct small quick meetings on the go.

These spaces are affordable and economical as they enable you to do more with less.

Because the space is small, remote workers joining over video feel included in the meeting. Therefore, mobile workers can be efficient even if meeting remotely.

In huddle rooms, communication is more intimate, focused and productive


How can Huddle rooms be more flexible, more efficient and smarter?

If huddle rooms are equipped with the right tools and components, they can become heavily used spaces for efficient and productive meetings. Ideal huddle rooms should therefore be equipped with the following:

- A video conferencing system, that can call any other video system (SfB, Skype, Polycom, Avaya, Cisco, etc…)

- Content sharing screen(s) clearly visible to all participants

- An interactive whiteboard with a professional annotation system

- A professional wireless presentation system, with native support for standard wireless sharing protocols such as Airplay and Miracast to share content from any device

- A professional speakerphone

Why are the Silex PTE Center of Table (CoT) collaboration systems, a perfect choice for your huddle room?

Silex PTE systems are All-in-One devices that are placed in the center of the huddle room table and offer the following benefits:

- The most natural way to collaborate around a table instead of facing a wall, thus increasing the intimacy and focus during the meeting

- A constant eye contact with both local and video participants using cameras located at eye level on each side

- An improved video conferencing experience where all local participants look the same size and facial expressions are clear to the far end

- Content is displayed in the center of the table (no need to turn your head back and forth to the wall)

- an interactive whiteboard at an arm’s length from all sides (no need to leave one’s seat to annotate)

- A better viewing experience. A 17.5” screen seen at 70cm is equivalent to a 100” screen seen at 4m

- A better audio pickup and Coverage from the Center of the Table

- Comfort throughout the meetings with minimized neck and back problems since people don’t need to twist their neck to look on one side

SilexPro is simply revolutionizing the way people collaborate in smart huddle rooms.

Traditional Wall-mounted concept
Silex PTE CoT concept

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