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If Skype for Business had a body

If Skype for Business had a body

If Skype for Business had a body


By: Ronald Hajj – CEO at SilexPro

Some people say that in a PC, the hardware is the body and the software is the soul… In a robot, the external mechanical shell is the body and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) software driving the robot, is the soul…

In the video conferencing and collaboration space, if we assume that SfB is the soul of collaboration, how would you imagine the perfect body for this soul?

This is the question that we asked ourselves when we first started designing our collaboration “robots”. This is what we thought and imagined:

The body should look sexy! Sure! 

It should be symmetrical, or better… radially symmetrical:

- A perfect sphere? Nice, but… a convex screen may not be practical

- A Triangle/prism? Nice and practical

- A Cube? Also Nice and even more practical

- A pentagon, an Hexagon, an Heptagon, an Octagon…? Too ‘fat’! No need for so many sides!  

It should be able to listen and talk!

- With an Omni-directional microphone that listens and picks up speech from all direction?

- With a speaker that radiates sound in all directions?

- Even better: let’s have a high-quality speakerphone that has the best Omni-directional microphone and radial speaker!

It should have sharp eyes to see everyone around it in the room:

- 3 HD cameras: one on each of the 3 sides of the Triangle body (near 360 degrees view)

- 4 HD cameras: one on each of the 4 sides of the Cube body (360 degrees view)

It should have a heart… Sure let’s use a healthy heart that processes and pumps data at the highest speeds

The body should radiate the beauty of its soul in all directions… Great, so let’s use high quality IPS screens on all 3 or 4 sides!

The body should have a touch sensitive skin to tickle the soul… Sure! Let’s use multi-touch screens on all sides!

This body should reflect the ideas of the people sitting around it… Sure! Let’s enable the CYOD (Connect Your Own Device) feature to wirelessly mirror the content shared from any device

This body should handle all collaboration needs and satisfy the purpose of its soul: Video conferencing, presentations, Interactive collaboration, annotations, recording, etc.. No Problem!

It should have a name… Sure! We will call it: PTE (Panoramic Telepresence Experience)

Where can it sit?

- On a wall?? No way!!

- In a corner of the room?? No way!!!

It should be the center of gravity of collaboration. Where is the center of gravity of collaboration in a room? business people usually gather around a table, so the center of gravity of collaboration is the Center of the Table. This is where our system will sit! In the center of gravity and heart of collaboration!  

Introducing our “Nature-Inspired” Silex PTE Trio and Silex PTE Quattro, the revolutionary Center of Table (CoT) All-in-One collaboration robots serving all your collaboration needs.

This is how we, at SilexPro, see the perfect SfB body!