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About Us

About Silex

About Silex

SilexPro, is a technology innovator in the field of visual communication and group collaboration.

We focus to provide solutions that offer a unique user experience and a unique way of using the different videoconferencing and meeting applications while maximizing interaction and collaboration.

With Silex range of solutions and products, we bring the latest technological trends to you in well-engineered high-tech innovative designs, hence transforming the way you conduct business. We stand out of the crowd with our new Center of Table (CoT) concept, that makes the group collaboration experience feels more natural and more comfortable.

SilexPro solutions are the fruit of more than 15 years of experience in the conferencing and smart AV market. Its futuristic and elegant designs are the result of more than 25 years of design experience. SilexPro innovations are driven by a dedicated team of professionals and a constant research on cutting edge smart technologies.

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

We believe that you deserve a better meeting and collaboration experience and our mission is to make sure you get it.

We aim to combine Innovation, Technology and Elegance to create a unique engaging meeting experience. We are committed to provide state of the art collaboration technologies to leverage productivity, while embracing and driving new market trends.

With this objective in mind, we won’t spare any effort to drive new trends in Smart Meeting technologies and keep on integrating and creating new innovative collaboration solutions, for a more natural and enjoyable meeting experience.

With our integrated smart rooms and our PTE Center of Table disruptive solutions, we strongly believe that we can enhance the way people conduct their meetings and make them more productive and engaging.

Technology has never been so natural, so simple and so elegant! So, let our experts help you build your futuristic vision…

Word From the CEO

Word From the CEO

Ronald Hajj

Founder & CEO

Technology can be classified as Constructive or Destructive.  A Constructive technology is any technology that enhances the way we work or serves our societies to leverage the human values and strengthen the social bonds. Medicine and Audio-Visual communication are great examples of Constructive technologies. A Destructive technology is one that destroys our human values and our societies, such as weapons.      

I am passionate about Constructive technology, and I strongly believe that a real positive technology should strengthen our natural behaviors and our bonds with nature. 

In the visual communication and collaboration field, technology should help connect people from around the globe in the most natural ways. Ideally, people should feel as if they are sitting in the same place and around the same table.   

I foun­ded Sil­exPro with the objective to enh­ance the w­ay people ­communicat­e and coll­aborate ove­r video, a­nd to make­ group vid­eo meeting­s more nat­ural, m­ore enjoya­ble and ce­rtainly mo­re product­ive. ­I b­elieve tha­t we shoul­d dream an­d stretch ­our imagin­ation and creativity­ beyond tr­aditional ­boundaries­ to create­ the requi­red positi­ve force that drives in­novation. ­This is precisely our culture at SilexPro. 

At a time when one-size-fits-all Immersive Telepresence systems were introduced in the market, we took a different approach and started designing and creating “customized” high end smart conference rooms and meeting spaces. Only with customization could we answer our customers’ requirements, making the communication and collaboration experience look more intuitive, more natural and more familiar to them. 

For the last 30+ years, meeting rooms were designed using wall-mounted screens or projection systems. Since then, people gather facing a wall to communicate and collaborate! Since then, conference rooms are still designed the same way, but with some advanced flavors of technology. Similarly, in the car industry, for 80+ years the car engines were based on the 4 cycle Otto concept, up until the electrical engines appeared and companies like Tesla positively disrupted the traditional market. 

At SilexPro we took a different approach! Doing the same thing for 30+ years doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best way to do it! We decided to be the “Tesla” disruptors of this industry by introducing our Center of Table (CoT) concept. We bring collaboration to the center of gravity of the room, around which people gather more naturally, sitting around a table instead of facing a wall.  

I ­invented a­nd patente­d the Cent­er of Tabl­e concept. Wit­h my great­ team at SilexPro, we­ created t­he Silex P­TE all-in-one Center of Table revolut­ionary pro­ducts to s­erve this ­purpose, and enhance the way people meet and collaborate. 

"Inno­vation bey­ond imagin­ation"­ is the m­indset by ­which, my team at SilexPro and I, w­ill positi­vely disru­pt and cha­nge the wa­y people collaborate­!